Tammie Brown is Going Places and Taking Hot SkunX With Her

Tammie Brown is probably best known for being on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and then being a member of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Tammie is more than just a drag superstar. Tammie is an artist on many levels and someone that always challenges my own way of thinking. Don’t take my word for it, read on!


Abby: I’d like to welcome Tammie Brown from Planet 10.5 and immediately ask if you have a favorite joke you can share?


Tammie: Sure Abby, here’s one: You know what they say about guys that wear white socks?


Abby: What?


Tammie: They’re just as common as a household cutting board. You know what they say about guys that wear black socks?


Abby: What?
Tammie: You don’t know if those are two feet under the table or two black long anacondas.


Abby: Yes, that’s the Tammie Brown I know and love. I’ve just been watching your YouTube videos.


Tammie: You saw the new ones?

Queens of the Castro Tammie Brown

Abby: I saw the new ones. And I saw your RuPaul’s Drag Race audition tape.


Tammie: Oh, cool. The audition tape is funny because it tells you all the stuff that is leading up to walking children in nature.


Abby: And Walking Children in Nature is one of the new tracks on your CD, Hot SkunX.


Tammie: Correct. And we are also getting a video for it next month.


Abby: I’ve got to say that I think my favorite song is Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight. because I’ve wondered what it is like to be you. Which is your favorite?


Tammie: Walking Children in Nature or Rain or Shine. I do love Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight.  I like I Stay Connected and I’m happy about the Spanish ones.


Abby: I just watched the Spanish videos on your Facebook page.


Tammie: I wrote the lyrics for both of those.


Abby: What are you saying?


Tammie: In Amigos Son Heroes it’s called Friends Are Heroes. It’s talking about the real strong friendships and the faith of being friends and supporting each other. And  La Telarana is about a spider. It starts out saying how the morning dew shines on the spider web like brilliant crystals. When the sun goes down and the stars and bright moon come out, then little by little here comes the little spider. She’s small but she’s poisonous with her kisses of love. When I say the kisses of love I mean the kisses of pain are what love is like. And then it says how the little spider rolls you up in her silky little web giving kisses of love. So that’s about love.


Abby: Wow. Sounds like a bad relationship.


Tammie: I guess it could be a bad relationship, yah. And it’s for the people into autoerotic asphyxiation. Right? And necrophiliacs.


Abby: Oh, after the poison has done its business?


Tammie: I guess. I always call Kelly Mantle a necrophiliac because she’s a bit of a hypochondriac so I turn it around and call her a necrophiliac. Back to the album. I wrote the lyrics and Michael Catti, my music partner and accomplished guitar player, put the music together for the songs really nicely. And Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight actually is a cover. It’s a Dottie West, Kenny Rogers song. So I’m paying the rights for that. And all of the other music is published with BMI under Tammie and Buster Brown. And Rain or Shine I co wrote with Rodrigo Beroso who wrote Clam Happy and is my creative partner.


Abby: Now can people buy the videos you have out?


Tammie: No the videos aren’t for sale.  Maybe one day we will have a catalog of underground videos. I don’t mind having the grittiness of the aesthetic of the low budget independent kind of art.


Abby: Well you do consider yourself an artist first.  Is that correct?


Tammie: Correct. I do consider myself an artist first. What I want to convey as an artist is joy and awareness.


Abby: Awareness of what?


Tammie: Awareness of what’s going on, on the planet.  What can we do to help out and make things better. Consciousness.


Abby:  I have seen that you are very passionate about the orcas, the killer whales that are in captivity. What do you have to say about that?


Tammie: Well I’ve been saving the killer whales for a while now. I was aware that the movie Black Fish was coming out and I did some studying on the documentary. I saw clips of the movie and was made aware of what was going on with these animals. These sentient beings. Sentient animals. I just really feel that it’s wrong for them to be in captivity because they are performing for their food. When kept in small tanks the males dorsal fin bends over which is only seen in captivity. I thought, “Oh Sea World is okay because they have such big tanks, right?” No! They perform in the big tanks but are held  in tiny spaces. When these animals are in the wild they can swim free all day long. When the whales are captured and separated from their families this causes trauma and lessens their lives.  Then to find out that Sea World is lying about it the whole time making everything look like it’s gumdrops and roses for these animals when it’s not is just wrong. And then you are shoveling out money to them and they’re just making more money for themselves and not even taking care of the animals. They are feeding these animals  fish that’s injected with vitamins and water because they are not getting enough supplied. And the animals are attacking and violating each other. For example Morgan, she was found stranded. They brought her in to rehabilitate her. Well Sea World put their hand in it and  they transported her to one of their associate franchises in the Canary Islands where she’s being abused and raped by the other whales. She is in desperate need of our help. And how do you explain that Sea World? I just don’t think it’s fair.


Abby: So would you like to see them released out into the nearest ocean?


Tammie: You can’t release them all into the ocean. Some are going to be able to be rehabilitated like Keiko was.  Keiko is the killer whale  from Free Willy.  He was rehabilitated into a sea pen and he lived for 5 years in the ocean. He was eventually released and he swam to Norway and he lived for a year off the coast of Norway. He met his untimely death, and I would say his untimely death, because living in a tank put stress on his life. You know what I mean?


Abby: I think I do.


Tammie: And if anybody really looks into it I don’t think they’ll think it’s just either. And the biggest part of the movement is spreading awareness to the children because the children are the ones that really get the whole movement going.


Abby: I agree. Let’s lighten things up. Any comments on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6?


Tammie: Gia Gunn/Connie Chung! No offense to our Chinese friends.


Abby: Okay! What are some of your favorite things?


Tammie: One of my favorite things in life is probably sweet iced tea. Don’t water it down! I do like it sweet and with a bit more ice please! I love popcorn and designer potato chips. Gourmet potato chips. In fact I love the ones that are from New Orleans. They are called Zapp’s potato chips. They have a little alligator on them. My first introduction to them was a dill pickle flavor. Really good. They have a Voodoo chip. It’s a mix of all the flavors from Tabasco, dill, Cajun, vinegar and salt and pepper. All the mix on one chip. It’s really good! And I do like my French fries extra crispy if not I’m going to send them back. That’s for sure. You can quote that. Oh, I love free range steak. A nice rib eye, New York steak or a tenderloin. I like to make paper flowers too like in my new video. Several of us are wearing those flowers, “Flores del papel” in our hair. All of those flowers I made myself.


Abby: Where does your Mexican influence come from?


Tammie:  I lived in Mexico for over 6 years as a child. That gave me a lot of my inspiration to be so open and do different things. And to be more accepting of different things like art and stuff.


Abby: I read that you have some international show locations coming up and that you will be sharing the stage with The Milk Queen.


Tammie: Yes. In June we’re off to Europe. We’ll be in Glasgow, London and Ireland.

We have a cabaret to perform in Paris and then a week in the South of France. While in Paris I am going to connect with other artists. I’ll do more videos and photos and artistic projects. And Michael Catti is also going with me. That will be cool and we can collaborate together as well.


Abby: So what else is going on, on Planet Tammie 10.5?


Tammie: I have a new YouTube channel at ItsTaMMieBrown with new videos. I’m going to have a Halloween theme song out which I already have the lyrics for. The cool thing about my YouTube channel is I’m going to keep everything in house. All of the music will be originals written and featuring me. I  recently performed my concert “Walking Children in Nature” at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York. And now Hot SkunX is out. I’m in the book “D.R.A.G.”  I recently worked with the photographer Magnum Hasting. He’s putting together a book with a lot of the queens. There’s also the “Gorgeous Project” too. That’s another book that’s in the process. Drag queens Delta Work, Laganja Estranja, Candis Cayne and drag king Landon Cider will be in it. It’s really neat to be part of these projects. I am most excited about my CD Hot SkunX. Please check it out. And check out my other CD entitled Popcorn.


Abby: Congratulations on all of these projects. One last question. Are you single?


Tammie: I’m single and ready to mingle and I’m mingling.


Abby: Thank you Tammie!


Tammie: You’re welcome alligator!



For more on Tammie Brown’s new CD Hot SkunX click: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tammiebrown


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tammie.brown.73113?fref=ts


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