Kim Russo on The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side


“Remember that what’s happening to you is just one moment in all of eternity. It’s a pin dot in time.”   -Kim Russo


Kim Russo is the star of Lifetime Movie Network’s hit TV show The Haunting Of… Now Kim Russo has become an author with her new book The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side. This book is both philosophical and metaphysical in nature and I learned a lot from it. Kim has an easy teaching style and explains things so people can actually understand what she is saying.

I had the opportunity to interview Kim Russo in 2014 and asked her about her life and her mediumship abilities. If you missed that interview you may want to consider reading it now as the following interview is based more on things covered in her book.


Abby: Kim, I have one question to ask before I ask you about topics in your book. The last time we spoke I asked you about being “Star Struck” and you thought you might be star struck if Elvis Presley channeled through you.  So when Elvis appeared during your session with Wayne Newton how did you feel?


Kim: The answer to this question goes a bit deeper than just meeting a world-wide super star who was one of a kind and can never be duplicated. When I was young, I watched every Elvis movie out there and quickly became an avid Elvis fan.  I was lucky enough to have had a ticket to his last concert before he died. Since I never got to see him because he passed on, I felt like I knew him and probably like the rest of the world, felt as if I never got closure by not physically laying my eyes on him.  Years later, my sister met her husband and we had one very big common interest – Elvis. My brother-in-law Jack passed away very tragically and untimely. On the day I was filming with Wayne Newton in Las Vegas, my sister decided to join me since we both love to gamble.  On the day that I was filming with Wayne, I felt the very powerful presence of my brother-in-law Jack.  At first I thought he was around because my sister was with me and he was just joining in on our fun.  I also felt that since Jack loved Wayne Newton and Elvis was his friend, that Jack was just being a super fan from the other side.  Little did I know that after Elvis channeled through me to deliver messages to Mr. Newton, I heard jack whisper to me that I owe him one since he was the one who helped arrange my meeting with the dynamic duo (Wayne and Elvis).  Interestingly enough, Mr. Newton was supposed to film The Haunting Of the prior year but his schedule would not permit.  We were not certain if we could ever be able to secure another date to meet.  Thanks to Jack, it finally happened.  I got to meet Elvis Presley.  Not in the way I would have liked, but in a much more meaningful way.  I love how the Spirit World is able to make wishes come true, even after physical death.



Abby:   What motivated you to write the book, The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side?


Kim:  There are many factors that motivated me to write the book.  Perhaps the most important one is to help remind the masses to awaken to the power that lies within them and which is part of their spiritual DNA.  I want to teach people how to unlock their birth given innate spiritual gifts.  Going forward, these are the gifts that will help humanity to heal the earth and her population during the crucial decades surrounding the millennium. Now, more than ever, humanity needs to wake up and discover its true nature of complete oneness and light.  Darkness is infiltrating our planet like never before and it is my hope that my book can inspire people to let go of the limited beliefs and fears that have been instilled in them by organized institutions which have held them back from realizing their true identity.


Abby:  Kim, you had written, “I’d really love to see a day when psychic abilities become a part of our educational curriculum the way health, science or history is.”

At what grade level would you introduce a class on psychic abilities?


Kim:  First I would teach this as soon as the baby is born and in the home.  Soon after, this should be taught immediately in whatever year your child enters school, whether it be pre-K or Kindergarten. We must never stop learning to go beyond using our five senses and the more it is reinforced, it shall take root and become routine.  Utilizing our five senses helps us connect in the physical 3D world but discovering our senses beyond the five, helps us connect to our hearts.  If we are all on equal playing ground by realizing that we are all one and not separate from one divine source, then I believe we can get more accomplished without the use of competition, violence or fear.


Abby:   What is the difference between a malevolent soul and a demonic soul?


Kim:  This is a very good question.  Actually some will argue that a malevolent soul is a demon. However, from what I learned directly from the spirit world and from my own experiences, there can be differences.  Malevolent souls are extremely negative souls who have totally disconnected and have strayed far from the light of the God force but have once lived in human form. These are the negative bad seeds that infiltrate humanity.  In most cases they never experienced any form of LOVE. They can however be coaxed back to the light at some point.  Demons are spiritual beings without physical form and never incarnated as human. Although they are supernatural beings with no form, they can inhabit or possess a human body. They are evil spirits that are opposed to God and His work. They were probably created before the world was and, like Satan, fell away from God.


Abby:  I loved your advice to wish these roaming spirits peace and a safe return to the light. Where do the roaming spirits actually go when they are asked to leave?


Kim:  These roaming trapped spirits should lovingly be asked to leave the 3D physical dimension so that they may ascend higher into the consciousness of light where they can bask in love and peace and continue learning about their own journey of their soul.  While staying in the physical world, trapped without a physical body, nothing meaningful can happen for this soul. The light serves as a beacon for the soul to pass through a door or gateway from the physical reality to the non-physical reality. There are many different dimensions and levels in which a soul can cross over into, but the light on the higher astral levels is where most souls are drawn to, and will usually stay for a while in its own comfortable surroundings.  Note: it is made to mimic the physical earth for our own safety and comfort.  Loved ones, pets and others are there to help greet us. We do go on from there. Where we go from there depends on our free will and on what we have done or still need to learn or what we still have left to do as a soul.  The ultimate destination is for a soul to release the mind of the EGO (this represents things such as fear, pride, jealousy, control, unworthiness, insecurity, etc. and which is total and complete separation of God or darkness) to finding its way back to its original source of LIGHT and LOVE or GOD – which equals wholeness, peace, unity, bliss, enlightenment, understanding, unconditional love, etc.  This may take many lifetimes.

Abby:  Is there a protocol to talk to angels or guides and ask them for help?  Do you need to talk out loud or address them a certain way?


Kim:  No Angels, Spirit Guides and even our deceased loved ones can hear our thoughts.  We do not have to speak our thoughts out loud in order for them to hear us.  I talk about how to access and speak to Spirit Guides, angels and loved ones in my book.



Abby:  Until I read your book I thought that a soul group was like The O’Jays, The Temptations or Gladys Knight and the Pips.  What is your version of a “Soul Group?”


Kim:  Soul Groups are the set of souls in which you most frequently reincarnate with over and over in many lifetimes.  The most obvious are your family members and friends. Keep in mind that in order to satisfy the law of Karma, (what you did to help or harm another in a previous life) you must pay the piper as they say to balance out your actions, good or bad.  There are many dimensions of soul groups as can be compared to extended family and friends and workers and co-workers, neighbors, etc.  Prior to coming to earth, we each agree to make a soul contract with members of our soul group and these can literally be with tens of thousands of souls of people who we’ve previously incarnated with many times beforehand. You will meet members of your soul groups at different intervals of your life. Sometimes you may meet a member of your soul group right before you are about to leave this earth.  This person may have agreed to help usher you home with love and compassion.



Abby:  People these days are not staying in relationships as long as married people used to.  Do you think that they are breaking up as soon as their soul contract with each other  has been fulfilled?


Kim:  Actually I think people are more aware and are remembering many parts of their soul contracts now more than ever. Since many people are on a spiritual quest to find inner peace, they are adopting more spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.  These practices, as well as many others, are helping people access their soul memories faster and therefore can see what circumstances in their lives are holding them back.  Sometimes it is a marriage, partnership, friendship or even a career that is no longer serving their higher purpose and they know they must let those relationships die in order for them to truly live.



Abby:   Is it possible to change or cancel your soul contract once you are here on earth?


Kim:  Absolutely yes. We all pick circumstances and events in our life to help us learn lessons from our past lives or our past soul journeys. We also have to balance out our lessons by incorporating the law of Karma also known as the law of cause and effect. The quicker you recognize and learn your lessons, you can release your karma and therefore can fulfill and release that part of your soul contract.


Abby:  If our souls are connected by a silver cord is it dangerous to cut all cords when you have an attachment?


Kim:  No, one cannot sever the silver cord unless he or she takes his own life as the silver cord cannot be cut unless physical death occurs.


Abby:   Above all, what do you want people to take away from your book?


Kim:  Above all, I wanted to write a book to inspire and empower others to find the gifts they were naturally born with.  Many people are living on the earth with immense fear and insecurity and it is only getting worse.  In my book The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side, my hope is to help remind everyone that Love is not separate from us and we are not separate from it.  When we remember the true nature of our soul and it’s purposeful meaning, fear releases and love prevails -Something this world needs more of.



Abby:  Kim I see that you have several events coming up including a Psychic Cruise. Would you please tell us where people can see you in person?


Yes, besides the psychic cruise this coming October, people can see me at my live events all around the country.  These events can be viewed on my website at!calendarevents-2/c1lj8


Also, I will be doing a whole day workshop right here in my hometown of Long Island on June 4th.  I will be giving readings and a workshop along with my two other gifted medium friends.  This will be a magical day for a spiritual boost.  Details are also on my website.


Abby:  Kim, thank you very much for taking time out to answer these questions. I appreciate your time and the chance to learn more from you. Thank you.



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