New Orleans in Recovery

New Orleans in Recovery


When I visited New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina these signs were posted in most areas. Not far from the signs were police roaming the areas. I know because I was stopped by the police when I took this picture. Let’s just say they were not friendly.

Abby Normal, Yahoo Contributor Network
Aug 19, 2007

It has been two years
since I took calls from the Dome
from people that were driven
by Katrina from their homes
I went to visit my love
the once grand city of New Orleans
my eyes have not dried
from the horrors I’ve heard and seen
Adults and children saw corpses
floating in the street
Parents pillaged for food
so their babies could eat
Homes still abandoned
Lives in disrepair
The feeling in the city is
the government doesn’t care
Uncle Sam still needs to aid
his New Orleans family
they need continued help
to recover this tragedy
The scars are still present
and the pain runs so deep
everyone had a story
that I shall forever keep
New Orleans is in recovery
one day she will again stand proud
Her pulse is getting stronger
yet it’s the Blues that are felt out loud


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