Yara Sofia Takes Her Own Advice, Echa Pa’lante!

A: I am here with Yara Sofia the winner of the Miss Congeniality award for season 3 of
RuPaul’s Drag Race. We are at Tinker’s Dam in Santa Clara. We are in what seems to be a broom closet with a mirror. Yara doesn’t seem to mind so we are doing this interview “In the closet.”

A: Hello Yara Sofia!
Y: Hi


A: You won two trips while you were on RuPual’s Drag Race. Have you been able to
take them yet?
Y: No. Not yet. Probably next year. I am going to be in Alaska and Bahamas. That will
be so fun.
A: Will you put the videos up from your trips?
Y: Oh Yes I Will. Of course. It is going to be amazing!

A: You are from Manatee?
Y: Yah, Manatee, Puerto Rico
A: Near the beach or inland?
Y: Close to the beach. Very close to the beach.
A: It is very beautiful.
Y: Yes it is.

A: Had you been to the USA before filming RPDR?
Y: I’d been to New York, Miami, Disney, Vegas.

A: What was school like for you?
Y: In the beginning it was not that easy. Puerto Rico is very religious and being gay in a
religious country is not that easy.
A: Do you have any advice for the kids here that are going through it?
Y: Many people think it is a mental disease, being gay, and that’s not true. If you are gay
you should keep going. Echa pa’lante. Keep going. Don’t ever look back.

Yara Sofia

A: Where did you learn to speak English?
Y: I took English in High School. In Puerto Rico everybody has to take English. You
only have English in the class. One hour each day so five hours weekly. Outside you
don’t speak English. We speak all in Spanglish now.
A: That was part of your adorable charm when you were on the show.
Y: I don’t want to speak like perfect, perfect. I love my accent.

A: Do you have brothers and sisters?
Y: I have an elder brother.
A: Just one?
Y: Yeah, just one
A: Is he straight?
Y: He’s straight.
A: How does he deal with you and being a drag queen?
Y: He is so quiet. I think that he accepts me and respects me and that is the most
important thing. That for me is priceless.
A: Is he married?
Y: Yeah
A: Does he have kids?
Y: Yeah. I have a niece. She looks just like me… out of drag.
A: I have seen pictures of you out of drag and you are quite handsome.
Y: Thank you. She looks just like me.

Yara and Abby on the Drag Cruise at Sea.

Yara and Abby on the Drag Cruise at Sea.

A: This question is from one of your fans: How many tattoos do you have and what are
they of?
Y: Nine. They are a lot of faces. Marilyn, Medusa, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. I
admire women.
The one on my leg is tribal. The others are eyes and faces and mermaids.

A: On RPDR you didn’t look very happy when he announced that the challenge was
doing a nude photo shoot. What were you thinking when he said it?
Y: No! I was so happy. I love to be naked. You saw the wrong person because I love to
be naked.

A: Afterwards you looked very happy but the very instant that he said it…
Y: They probably cut to me when I was thinking and probably people think that I was
worried. But no I am fine.
By the way, I received a message from a fan that “Oh my god, I used to watch the
show until that episode. Why did they put you guys to be naked?” I say that naked is
part of the human being. It was not porno. We were naked like natural. We are human
A: I know Delta Work was so scared.
Y: Yeah, but at the end he was so fine with the idea. He got it. It’s just part of the human
being. Many people laugh and say that was so porno. It wasn’t porno.
A: No. You guys rocked it.
Y: The photographer she does that. Nudity.
It’s not porno, its art.
A: I agree with you.

Yara Sofia2

A: You were so cute when they announced Rita Rudner was to be the guest judge. How
did you know Rita?

Y: Well, honestly, I didn’t know who was Rita. I don’t want to be like an outcast. So I
said, “Oh my god I love Rita Rudner!” After that I Googled her. I know who she is
A: That was so cute. Back to another challenge. Alexis dunked you 14 times.
Y: Yeah I know!
A: And you got her 7 times.
Y: It was our plan. I planned it. I told Alexis to pick me. Not to pick Carmen. They
brought Carmen back. The idea of the game was for everybody to pick Carmen. I said
to Alexis, “It is very smart. We cannot give her more TV exposure. Pick me.”
A: Oooooh!
Y: Very intelligent.
A: You got dunked so many times. You always looked so happy. You kept that smile.
Y: It was the cold water.
A: That made you look happy?
Y: I am a happy person.


A: What advice do you have for the next Racers on RPDR?
Y: The show is not easy to shoot. To make the show is very difficult. We have to be in
drag like the whole day and it is a long process. You have to be in heals the whole
day. It’s not easy. But afterward it’s great. Like the fans. People stop you at the mall
and everywhere. It is a big impact. Afterward it is priceless. Doing it is not easy.

A: Your fans. What an outpouring of love.
Y: I know. I am so blessed.
A: You really touched a lot of people. I know that you made me laugh and cry.
Y: There is a lot of power with this show.

A: Will we see you as a guest judge on “Project Runway?”
Y: I would love to. I want to compete there!
A: You want to go on the show as a contestant?
Y: Yeah. I would love to.
The thing I don’t like about Project Runway is that they are commercial designers and
I am costume designer. It is not the same.
A: Could you do it though?
Y: Yeah. I like custom things like Bob Mackie and Alexander McQueen. I like costumes.


A: Are the rumors true that you are moving to Los Angeles?
Y: Yes. I am moving. I have been in Los Angeles for one week. I’m still moving my
things from Puerto Rico. I hate to move.
I want to make my studio and make clothes.

A: When I told people that I was going to be interviewing Yara Sofia and did they have
any questions for her, most people said, “Just tell her that we love her!”
Y: I don’t know what I did.
A: You were just yourself.

If you would like to keep up with Yara Sofia you can follow her on her Facebook page: Yara Sofia Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3 official



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