Jade Jolie is Fabulous

Jade Jolie is probably the most colorful contestant on season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her bubbly personality can be infectious, but contestants, beware of her dark side!

Abby: Hello “Jade the Fabulous!”

jade jolie

Jade: How’s it going sweetheart? We finally did this! Success!

Abby: Yeah! Okay, are you ready for an onslaught of questions?

Jade: I am.

Abby: Where were you raised?

Jade: I was raised in Alachua Florida. I always say Gainesville because no one ever knows where Alachua is. It’s like the next exit down from Gainesville. It’s like you just drove into more country. It’s more of a back woodsy small town.

Abby: When you say a small town, how small is it?

Jade: It’s smaller than Gainesville. It’s got a school, a gas station and a few little stores. When I was there, it was not grown up at all. It was literally their own little community, and we had a very, very small country home.

Abby: Okay, is Alachua farmland or cattle raising?

Jade: I guess it would be farmland. My mom actually had a farm. She trained horses at the time.

Abby: Did you have a horse?

Jade: I didn’t actually. My mom has tried to get me to ride horses since I was a child. It seemed like every time I’d get on the horse it knew that I obviously had no idea what I was doing and it would just take off like the greyhound. I’ve always been dramatic. I love horses. I think they are adorable but when it comes to riding them I have never had that knack like my mom did.

Abby: Do you have any other pets?

Jade: I do have cats. They’re my children basically.

Abby: Do you have brothers or sisters?

Jade: I do have a brother. He’s a little bit younger and is very much like me. When we get together I just turn into a huge nerd. He has all of my geeky side. We play video games and talk about just ridiculous cartoons, whatever. So, I love him.

Abby: What was an average day in your life like a year ago?

Jade: Gosh I guess it’s about the same now. Sleep ’til forever. I feel like I am the Crypt Keeper. My sleep schedule has always been the same. I’m always up at night and roaming the halls and sleeping during the day. I usually work in the afternoon and then I come home and watch Netflix, Hulu and hang out with my husband. I’m very much a homebody. The only time you will ever see me at the club is if I’m working. I’m a very people person when I’m out but other than that I like to keep to myself and have husband time.

Abby: Has it changed since filming Drag Race?

Jade: Just in how people react to me. I have gotten such a positive response after Drag Race. Lord knows that I was nervous because I’m not afraid to say how I feel. Sometimes it’s been good for me in my life and sometimes it hasn’t. Fortunately it has been a great thing for me so far on Drag Race. I do a song that says, “Love me or hate me” and I guess that’s just how I feel. My personality has always been very strong and everyone’s always told me that my whole life. So I just give you a strong dose and either you like it or you don’t.

Abby: Do you still think that Alaska is like a bad Sharon Needles?

Jade: You know, no. A lot of people have given me heat about saying that. When we first got there none of us knew each other. At the time we had these opinions and I just didn’t really know much of her. As I’ve gotten to know her I actually respect Alaska. She’s not at all like Sharon. They very much have their own personalities and I find Alaska hilarious. She actually cracks me up. She is one of the funniest queens that we have on this season. I think she’s awesome.

Abby: Is drag your full time job?

Jade: I was a pharmacy technician just until recently. I want to make the most of this opportunity and start a lot of new projects. So just recently I have been focusing on this.

Abby: If you weren’t doing drag what kind of job would you like to be doing?

Jade: I definitely would be doing something creative. This has been a huge outlet for me. I’ve loved art since I was a kid. That was probably the only subject that you could get me to actually focus on.

Abby: What other interests or hobbies do you have?


Jade: Well video games are the huge one. I’m just a huge nerd when it comes to all that. I’ve been playing Super Nintendo and Atari since I was a little kid. That’s where me and my brother’s competing started.

Abby: So no cooking, gardening or reading people?

Jade: Cooking is in my husbands category. I’m a terrible wife. I can cook but I can’t tell you how it’s going to turn out. Sometimes it’s like a science project.

Abby: Yikes! That was a great surprise to have your boyfriend give you a message on the show. What has the reaction been to it?

Jade: It was the most amazing thing ever! It was a huge step for him. I’m never going to pressure him or force him to tell his parents. I feel that is something he needs to decide in his own time. I am just lucky to have him. I pride myself on my relationship with him because there are things in the past that I haven’t been very proud of. I made a lot of mistakes but I just definitely try to move forward and not regret them. I’m trying to make something of myself and I feel like with David, he just genuinely loves me. I feel very lucky that I found someone that can show a genuine love for me and not judge me for the things that I have done, and see me for who I am now.

Abby: That’s a great thing to have. One of your fans from Florida would like to know if you think Florida is getting any closer to legalizing marriage for all and would you get married?

Jade: I would hope so. Florida is a crazy kind of state. Sometimes I feel like we’re closer to moving along with things. Other times I feel like it takes two steps back. Everyone should be able to marry, show their love and have equal rights. I am definitely not going to get down on Florida. I have high hopes for them. If the opportunity ever does come I will have the biggest, gayest, rainbow wedding that you can ever imagine! And everyone’s invited!

Abby: Speaking of big parties, at the season premiere in Los Angeles you described your look as “Clutter Couture Fierceness.” What did you mean when you said, “My jag is rainbow. If you just threw in an S&M club, that’s me.”

Jade: Well I guess my style is all over the place. It’s kind of how I am when with even decorating my house. I have a hard time sticking to one theme. It’s just that I buy what I like and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it goes all together. So that’s why I say cluttered. People have said that jokingly in the past. I don’t know if they were trying to be cute as a read but I actually found it funny so I have applied it to myself. I don’t make any excuses for it. It’s what got me on Drag Race. A lot of my money has always gone in to drag. Granted, I might not have had all of those things that pageant girls have like rhinestone dresses but I always have creative, innovative stuff. My likes are on the opposite scale and that’s why I said that. I love Lisa Frank. I was a huge fan of hers since a kid. I love rainbows and fun. I love the spice girls, they were always so vibrant. I live for that. At the same time I have that dark side. I love leather and I have a dominatrix kind of style. Sometimes they just get mashed together. I’ll be wearing a dominatrix suit with a thousand unicorns on it. It’s a crazy style but it’s me.

Abby: Do you design all of your own outfits?

Jade: Actually I have. There are a few things that I have purchased over the years but the majority off my costumes I have made. I take pride in that. I feel like drag is an all around thing. You’ve got to be part of all of it; the makeup, the hair and the outfits.

Abby: So you do sew?

Jade: I do know how to sew but I will do whatever it is within my means not to have to. I will hot glue, E6000 or safety pin the house down. Part of that comes because I’m lazy and probably want to go play more video games.

Abby: What was your funniest experience buying women’s clothes?

Jade: Oh gosh. Nowadays I will just do anything. But back in the day I’d always be like, “I’m getting this for my cousin.” This is looking a little scandalous. I’m thinking to myself ,”Who’s going to go in and buy some sequined rhinestone thing like this for their cousin?” Excuses aside, half of the time people just think I’m a lesbian anyway. “It’s me and my lesbians anniversary. I’m getting something less gay.” I just give anyone a funny story because I’m going to do what makes me happy. If I have to go in and buy stuff then I am. It’s the funniest when old ladies give you the looks. Especially in a small town. It was the highlight of their day I’m sure!

jade jolie 3

Abby: On the past 4 seasons of Drag Race who have been your favorite competitors?

Jade: Jujubee. I actually got to meet her in person prior to all of this and she was so sweet to me. She exuberates such wonderful energy. She is so funny and just very personable. I think that’s very important to be humble no matter how popular you become. I love how good she is to her fans. Not to mention that she’s beautiful. I’ve been a big fan of Sharon Needles and Raven as well. I think that their drag is very innovative. I think they both came from that dark side that I have and I love that. They are not extremely rainbowy but their makeup is flawless. Sharon’s made a product for herself and I love that. I love that she’s took all this and really made something for herself. Same thing for Raven.

Abby: And from season 1?

Jade: I liked Rebecca Glasscock. I know she wasn’t very popular at the time but I did love that she was kind of the first fishy queen. So I do give her a tribute for that.

Abby: Who did you like in season 3?
Jade: Manila actually. I loved Manila’s craziness. I loved when she came through Union. She was a koi fish. If I’m ever going to wear a gown I’d better be like an animal or something. I think that was adorable.

Abby: From any season which was your favorite challenge to watch?

Jade: I actually enjoyed the apocalyptic challenge. I wish if I could have switched this years with that ’cause I felt like you couldn’t go wrong. I could have just glued everything on to me. I really liked that. I thought, I loved Sharon Needles. I love when she did the whole blood out of the mouth. I thought that was amazing. It blew me a way!

Abby: In the episode when they said, “You’re the Brad to my Angelina” or visa versa. I immediately thought that it was for you and was shocked when the other people didn’t get it.

Jade: I thought to myself that I could have said something. I just thought that it was just an obvious thing and everyone was just looking around. I think that I just got stuck in the moment that I was just so shocked that everyone was just, had no idea. I don’t know. I guess I just should have spoke up quicker but I found it humorous.

Abby: Before the interview I Googled Jade Jolie and found you and a porn star.

Jade: Oh goodness!

Abby: How did you feel when you found out that your name was shared?

Jade: Hide your eyes! Hide your child and put the search block on! I typed myself in the other day and that’s what popped up. I already talked about that in a prior interview. I am never going to regret what I had to do. I definitely had to make life decisions when I was younger. People can put you down for it. In all honesty I don’t have regrets for it because I had to do things to get by and it is also what brought me to here. I am also proud to say that there are people that have done things that they are not proud of and look where I am today. I feel like if I can give other people hope when they’re at there lowest in their life that they can move up from that and get to where I am at today. I am just so grateful! Don’t be down on yourself because I’ve been there and I’ve been at the lowest point. There is always a way up. Just believe in yourself don’t wait for anyone else. It all boils down to you to make something of yourself.

Abby: That was an answer I did not expect because I didn’t know it was you. Now I am even more happy for your success! Another fan question: Where do you get all of your energy and have you always been this bubbly?

Jade: I guess I always have. In 3rd grade my teacher told me that I was like a gossip talking monger. She’s like, “You just sit and talk and talk and talk. It’s as if you’re selling fish on the street!” And I thought that was so terrible but I loved it at the same time. I just have a lot to say and I just feel like I have a short time to get it out even though I have tons. I talk like a hundred miles a minute. My best friend when I grew up was my cousin. She was very much like Jade is. She was just fun and energetic and we would go out and have dance parties. We’d make up recitals to Little Mermaid and make people in my family pay a dollar to see us do it. I have just always been this way.

Abby: So Jade what makes you happy?

Jade: Gosh. So many things make me happy. Being able to continue working, giving my art to people and just having a nice quiet happy life with my husband. Right now my life is perfect. You know there are always flaws in anything but I feel like my life is perfect right now. I am the happiest that I’ve ever been. To be able to be on this show, be in great health, have the support of my family and fans, I couldn’t ask for more. Right now I feel like I’m on Cloud 9. I’m the happiest I have ever been.

Abby: That’s great. I’m so glad to hear it. I wish you continued success in all you do!

To see Jade Jolie compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race just tune in to Logo TV on Monday nights at 9 PM. http://m.logotv.com/shows/series.rbml?id=rupauls_drag_race_5


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