Psychic Medium Laura Lee – Veil is Thinnest Near Halloween

Abby: Hi Laura Lee

Laura: Hi Abby

Abby: You’ve been on TV shows and you have your own radio show. What can you tell us about that?

Laura: The TV shows have all been paranormal in nature because a lot of people align my work with paranormal activity. Like something spooky behind it, when in actuality it’s a modality of alternative healing. The majority of the people that come to use my services like the way I’ve got Spirit Salon set up. On radio, Spirit Salon is really for people to make those connections and to find some sort of closure that they probably couldn’t get on their own because they are in such deep grief.


Laura: One TV show I worked on was with James van Praague called Possessed Possessions.

Abby: Do you believe that possessions can be possessed?

Laura: Well, what they meant by that… they made it spooky. What they meant by that is that when you possess an old possession or heirloom of an individual, you are taking on the energy of that particular person. That energy is still there. The spirit of that person could be attached to it still and influence them in ways. To give an example, an older brother died of suicide and the older brother showed me that his brother was wearing his sweatshirt. The family confirmed it. I told them to get it off of his back. I know that he wanted the connection to his brother, but maybe they need to find another way to provide a connection.Not his material clothes in that sense, because the kid was troubled and had passed in a way that just took the family down. So they didn’t need another one going down that path. I felt for them, I can totally relate. I get teary-eyed over this stuff, too, but if they had a picture in a frame, perhaps that would be better. I’m not saying to get rid of all possessed possessions, but keeping the few sentimental ones are key.

Abby: What is a psychic, and what is a medium?

Laura: All mediums are psychic, but all psychics aren’t mediums. Not that I’m bashing psychics. What I’m saying by that statement is that psychics are using tools of divination, which can vary from astrology to numerology to pendulums to tarot to psychometry.

Abby: What is psychometry?

Laura: Psychometry is where they have to hold onto a picture or item of a person, which gives them a stronger impression. I can do all of those things. I love every single one of those tools and I use them all. But my primary modality that people seek me out for is for my mediumship ability, which has just been developed by nature since I was a kid. It wasn’t anything like I said, “Hey, I want to grow up and be a medium” and then developed a skill. It was just there. I had no idea that I was going to go out there and do this professionally. Never in a million years.

Abby: Have you ever gone to a spirit salon and had no spirits show up?

Laura: I get that question all the time. No. You could not… there’s always someone there. We’re never alone.

Abby: Thank you, there’s someone behind me now!

Laura: It might not always be the people that we expect, but there’s always someone there. The other day I got a call from a woman online who wanted to connect with a loved one. The only one I saw was a boyfriend from schooldays, who came up to her, had gotten into an accident. They’d had some distance between them since the accident happened. They never really got officially to say goodbye because they had broken up in their younger years, and then it was like 10 years later and he had died and she found out about it. But that’s not who she wanted to connect to. I’m like, “I’m sorry, but that’s who’s there.” That’s who’s there, and obviously for a good reason. People dismiss that connection, but sometimes, it’s to let it go or let them heal something so that they can go on into the light. And the person here in the physical plain can say, “Oh, they’re okay. That makes me feel better.” So many people want to believe that there’s a heaven, and there is. Our lives never end; life never ends. That’s the myth of all this. It’s to break the myth of death for the human species. Because death – here’s the big one – death is the biggest control factor over all of our lives.

Abby: Sure it is!

Abby: Are you ever afraid, out in society, to tell people that you’re a psychic, medium, an angel medium?

Laura: I was for a very long time growing up in the Midwest. It made me sick. It made me sick to the point where I collapsed at 19. Then I had a very big vision from an angel. That’s when I saw that there’s nothing to be afraid of. And I would be sharing from the other side to human beings. I didn’t know what that meant. I didn’t know that what this Angel had taught me meant I was going to be a medium. I just remembered that, and even when I came back and told everybody I had that experience, they poo-poo’d it. But I never forgot. Then I moved away from home. And home was really deeply rooted in Christian philosophies here, so it was a big taboo. Most of my family is Catholic and Protestant. So I left, and I became stronger in myself. And by the time that I returned, I didn’t care what they thought. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t care what they think. And I think my experience back at that point in my life got me to see that. And I had to develop as a person to be confident enough in myself and be bold enough to be myself. So, yeah, there are some people still who might think that is (crazy), but that’s their opinion.

Abby: Is there a difference between a spirit and a ghost?

Laura: Well, sort of. Some ghosts are caught, it’s like they haven’t transcended, they haven’t gone on. I know that some spirits can come and go. They can go back into the light. They can come in if they’re called upon. They’re called upon because they want to make that connection, too.

Abby: Halloween’s coming. Now to be honest, in my younger years, I would have thought that Halloween is the time to see a psychic. Is there any validity to that? Is there a time of year that psychic mediums would be more in tune with spirits or ghosts?

Laura: They claim that the veil during this time of year is thinnest to receive and see spirits.

Abby: Do you believe that?

Laura: To me, it doesn’t make a difference.

Abby: Is that because you’ve been doing this so long you are already in tune, and so someone like me might have a better chance at this time of the year?

Laura: Well, I think people are more aware because the media makes us more aware of it. Like the movies that are out there right now, like Paranormal Activity. I won’t even watch that. It’s not as scary as they crack it up to be.

Abby: When you see a spirit or ghost, do you see them as a physical being as we do? Like someone walking down the street? Or how do you see them?

Laura: Sometimes yes. Sometimes I’m mistaking them for real. And then sometimes they’re totally internal.

Abby: Is that where the clairsentient / clairaudient comes in?

Laura: That’s where the clairvoyancy comes into play, because I clearly see them. But now, here’s the clincher. When I’m talking to somebody, and they show me an image, sometimes I don’t even know if that spirit is here in the physical plain or on the other side. So I’ll describe the person to the recipient. And most likely they’ll say, “That’s so-and-so on the other side.” So it is, cuz I could say, “Well, who’s this around you?” And they’ll go, “I don’t know.” Like once I had this lady call us on line and I described her friend, she had a tattoo of a dog, and she kept pointing that to me. And I was like, “okay, there’s a girl around you with a tattoo of a dog.” And she’s like “no, no.” And I was like, “yeah, that’s what I’m seeing.” And she went on to talk about other things. But she goes, “Oh my god, that’s my good friend.” And I said that I smelled the smoke, cuz she’s smoking and everything. And she goes, “that’s my good friend who died like five years ago and she has a tattoo of a dog. She’s a big dog person.” So people don’t even realize that when they’re talking to a medium it kind of blows their mind because they’re not grasping that the spirit is really standing there with them. Or most people don’t want to know that because it can be scary.

laura lee

Abby: Well, yeah! To think that there’s someone standing behind you. Or you’re looking in the mirror and there’s someone there, but, you know. Well, I was with the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, so we saw all the creepy movies. So that’s my background. So to think that they are really there… it’s creepy. That image has been put into my head from Hollywood.

Laura: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. And they do that for profit, right?

Abby: Exactly. And so I have a hard time separating the two because then I’m going, “No, that doesn’t exist, that’s just in a movie.”

Laura: Well, it does. The other thing, too, is that we’ve been conditioned, too, by religion. And religion wants to make it sound like it blasphemous to make connections with spirits. But isn’t it interesting – I’m gonna go back to the Christians because I was raised Christian – that Christ raised from the dead. His disciples saw him. They weren’t considered mediums, they weren’t considered Christ-like. I get passionate about that. He rose from the dead – he was a spirit, he came in spirit form, but not to them. They could come looking like physical. I have had many clientele tell me that they’ve seen their loved ones appear before them. And they’re not saying “in their mind.” So it does happen. Just as it is when you’re going down the street sometimes and you see faces in the street and you think you see somebody but it’s not them. I would say that’s a good hint that you need to connect with that person if they’re still alive. Or the loved one that is trying to communicate with you is trying to make a connection to you for whatever reason.

Abby: Do you celebrate Halloween?

LL: Mmmhmm. When you’ve got a 5-year old daughter, yes you do.

Abby: Are there any differences?

Laura: Just that it’s good to live it through a child’s eyes again. That’s a good thing. It came at the appropriate time in my life to see it from a child’s eyes again.

Abby: So what do you fans and followers need to know?

Laura: That my biggest thing is that, first, this is about life, this isn’t really about death. It’s about life, and the passages that we go through as human beings and spirits. And to make the most of it.

Abby: So are you trying to say that the spirits are actually here to enhance our lives?

Laura: Absolutely. If you’re tuned in you really don’t need me most days. All these experiences that we have, and I think it was heaven’s joke to birth me in Normal, Illinois. I believe that all paranormal is normal. And supernatural is natural. It’s part of a daily existence for all of us. And it isn’t such a phenomenon like we think it is. It is always going on, and it’s a good thing.

Abby: Where can you fans hear you, see you, or read about you?

Laura: They can hear me on CBS Radio – Spirit Salon. Every Tuesday from 3 to 5 Eastern time in Boston, Detroit, Seattle, and Pittsburgh. They can listen live and call in with questions. And everywhere in the world on the internet on CBS New Sky Radio.(
I’m also heard on Magic in the Morning. That’s 107.5. And soon to syndicate my show with Connoisseur. I’m with the Zodiac Girls on Tuesday nights at 11 pm Eastern time on Spirit Guide Radio on CBS. I’m at Psychic Medium Laura Lee on Facebook. The Zodiac Girls on Spirit Guide Radio on CBS.

Abby: Thank you Laura Lee for talking with me today. I look forward to hearing you on Spirit Salon!


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