Jackie Barrett and the Haunting of the Gemini Interview

Jackie Barrett for interviewThe Haunting of the Gemini is Jackie Barrett’s follow up True Crime novel to The Devil I Know. In The Haunting of the Gemini, Jackie faces terrifying events: she comes face to face with the reality of who she was in a past life, Jane; she is haunted by Patricia Fonti who was a victim of Heriberto “Eddie” Seda, the New York Zodiac; she receives phone calls and visits from Eddie Seda; and most horrifying of all, she is frequently visited by the man in black – the devil.

I suggest that if you didn’t read my first interview with Jackie Barrett that you read that before reading this one to give you a better understanding of Jackie’s history. The Devil I Know.

Abby: This is Abby Normal and Eileen Magill, and we’re talking with our friend and author, Jackie Barrett.

Jackie: How’s it going?

Eileen: It’s been interesting here. Our haunted house is nowhere as interesting as what you face.

Jackie: Oh, come on! You know you’ve got that thrill going on!

Abby: Sometimes more than we wish.

Jackie: Yah. Don’t we all. What did you think of The Haunting of the Gemini?

Abby: Jackie, by chapter 13 I could actually feel what you were going through. If this was a movie I would have just been peeking through my fingers to see what happened next. I remember thinking, “No! Jackie don’t hurt him! Don’t do it!”

Eileen: We love you and we don’t want you to be facing these things, particularly alone.

Jackie: Loving the person means standing by them and fighting with them. I’m telling you, it’s for a fact, if you run you may have a little peace for a bit. Sometimes it’s a week, a month, there’s no time limit. Then man, all hell is going to open up on you. You can’t run from it.

Abby: How do you feel now about the paranormal things you experienced in The Haunting of the Gemini?

Jackie: Well, here’s how I am with that stuff. As it was happening I was devastated. I felt I was losing a grip on everything that I love. I was so frustrated. I was so angry. I was becoming something I wasn’t used to. I’m not that type of person. I tend to look for the funnier side and travel lighter than what people know of me. But after it was all said and done, I would do it all over again.

Eileen: Really?

Jackie: Yes. You can’t throw the towel down until you know the ending because even in your haunting, you can’t get frustrated. You can’t because there’s something behind it. And when I found out who she was and her sorrow and who I was, I wanted nothing more than to keep Patricia in my life a little bit longer. She was one wild girl.

Abby: You disappeared so many times, and Will [Jackie’s husband] kept finding you. I kept wondering if Will had a GPS Jackie tracker.

Jackie: I kept wondering if Will was having a better time. You know what I’m saying? You girls know what I’m talking about. Right?

Eileen: Oh yes!

Jackie: I’m being jealous of a spirit. I don’t get jealous. I might just tell you, “Get going!” Every now and again I sort of look for Patricia. There’s this lonely twang that comes over me. It’s sort of like your best friend leaving. I understood her and she understood me.

Abby: And she knew how to manipulate you.

Jackie: Even so, I knew I had to see her through. I knew I had to help her open that gate. And I knew I had to help her free herself. But she was fun. Patricia was dying a thousand deaths. And she just wanted the public to know what had happened to her. And just because she was basically homeless… She wanted to be loved.

Abby: That’s certainly understandable.

Jackie: And that’s the one thing we all try to achieve.

Abby: How did finding out that you’d been murdered in a past life effect you?

Jackie: I always wondered why so many of these murder cases would come to me. I never ever would have sought them out or solicited them. I think that’s a disgrace to do something like that. I truly do. That’s my personal opinion. I actually run from it and it just keeps piling up and piling up. When I found that out I was murdered, I felt cheated. I needed to vindicate. And I often question like why do all these murderers find their way to me? Now I know. So it was an eye opener for myself, and of course it is a devastating feeling.

Abby: How did your brothers react to the book?

Jackie: Well, they were proud. They were proud that I went full circle with her. They were. They call me their hero.

Abby: Ah. That is so sweet.

Jackie: Yah. I’m the one that always comes out ready to help whoever needs help. They knew I wasn’t going to walk away. They questioned if I was afraid of the Zodiac killer. My answer was no. I’m more afraid of what chases me after what happened to Mary [her mother]. I just wasn’t. I think my guardians, my inner strength, my human spirit combined with who I was, who I am, and who I shall be gave me the strength to see it through. Sometimes I look back and I say, “How the *F* did I do that?” Where did that come from? But we are given the tools if we are open to them. If you don’t face the demons and you can’t face these darker entities or whatever people want to call them, man you’re going to be bullied your whole life.

Abby: What did Eddie Seda think about your book?

Jackie: He told me that he was upset that she (Patricia) left. He told me I could get rid of the cries and the screams and I could help the victim. But he also knows that there’s something that sits beside him that can move through the air with the wind and go into another person.

Abby: That’s just scary.

Jackie: He said, “You just have to watch the news because it happens in different forms every day.” And then he was actually yelling in the prison, “I’ll be back! And you’ll see.” And I actually turned around to him and said, “And I’ll be waiting. I know your scent, man. I know your scent.”

Abby: What differences do you feel between Ronnie Defeo [Amityville Horror] and Eddie Seda [NY Zodiac]?

Jackie: When I lay these things out, and I really think about it carefully, they are like different roads heading to the same place. You have Richard Ramirez who died, Charlie Manson, and Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy said he’ll be back. These people are just empty vessels that get filled with pure evil.

Abby: So they are like the devil’s play toys?

Jackie: Absolutely. Absolutely. They’re like puppets. Puppets! Eddie would have gotten the help. Eddie went to a priest before all of this happened. The priest told him, “We are not strong enough to rid what’s in you.”

Eileen: Wow. What a horrible thing to hear.

Abby: To not even give him hope.

Jackie: It didn’t give him hope. But before Eddie killed, he did go and confess, and he said, “Father, I am going to kill.” And the priest told him to read the Bible. And he read the bible while he killed. The priest did come up to see Eddie when he finally got caught. And he told Eddie that he was not capable of performing an exorcism. And the minute he said that, Eddie told me he felt a surge of energy go through his body. He heard screams and cries, and he knew exactly what hell was going to look like. He knew. He saw the devil head-on, and he embraced him. So the priest, his weakness just made the evil stronger by confessing this to the murderer.

And in Ronnie’s case I truly believe no matter where that family moved… I believe we are preset for certain things in life. Just like our past lives come forward. Jane [a murdered girl that was Jackie in a previous life] formed Jackie into fighting these murderers and bringing the victims and their families to salvation. There’s a reason why the past kept pushing me and pushing me to do this. I didn’t want to. Jane dragged me along to help find the missing pieces. To do what she didn’t have a chance to do. And this time in a medium’s body.

Abby: What was the time frame for The Haunting of the Gemini?

The Haunting of the Gemini

Jackie: Oh, my gosh. I saw Patricia when I started showing Medium P.I. I started seeing Patricia probably ten years now. I’d see her turning a corner in the grocery store, dropping something in the library, getting my attention. I saw her when I was standing in a hallway to the mall, directly across the street at Bellevue Hospital, the mental institution, watching this curtain blow. I remember just getting lost in that whole visual and seeing somebody there. And I thought I even saw myself in that window. I was so taken back by that. It frightened me. I was juggling her along with Ronnie and then Eddie – his calls would pop in and out. To come to think of it, I’ve been through a lot.

Abby: So when you were working on The Devil I Know, you were also being plagued by Eddie?

Jackie: Not until the very end. It was almost like “You thought you got this devil out of him? I’ll show you.”

Abby: So Eddie Seda was kind of one upping Ronnie DeFeo?

Jackie: It was sort of like you’re driving on this road, and there’s the headlight behind you. And you’re looking to your rear view mirror and there’s some space in between us. A mile now. And then it fades. Then all of a sudden you look again, and the car’s rear ending you.

Abby: And that’s Eddie?

Jackie: Yah. Right in the ass, right?

Abby: Has the man in black come back to visit?

Jackie: I don’t think that he will ever really be gone, gone. I think that once you’ve faced some of the things that I have faced, like my own mother’s exorcism, I don’t think those things truly leave you. It’s a residue that’s left over. It truly is.

Abby: And I would like to send you my condolences about your dog, Teddy. He was such a sweetie.

Jackie: Ah, my baby. I know, it was awful. There’s a beautiful story about Teddy that probably a lot of people don’t know. I vowed to never get another dog after Max. I was working hard on The Haunting of the Gemini and Will went to the same breeder as Max and got Teddy. Will felt like I needed Teddy. And I did. Teddy was just incredible. Whenever I would sit on the bed, I would just watch him. When I turned the iPhone on you would see all these orbs around him. A ball of light would always be on him. Teddy was very human-like. I would stare at him, and he would look in the mirror, and he would bark and bark. Then he would look at me and look back at the mirror. I remember saying to him, “What is it that you want?” And he reached up into this large mirror and hit his paws on the mirror while barking. He looked at me and I knew it. I said to Will, “Teddy has a twin.” I have to find her. So we searched all over. Well she was withering away in Minnesota. And we got to her just in time because she was under 2 pounds and was tagged to be put down. They had experimented on her. It was just awful. And we got her – Violet – all the care she needed. Then we saw the most incredible reunion, ever! When we got them together Teddy cried like a human. It was like a brother’s love. He knew I needed him. And he needed his sister. And he knew at the end I would need her. And this is the power of the spirit of the animals. And it’s also my native roots, and this is what we believe. As soon as we got her, he was completely in love with her. She would sleep on top of him curled up. And that’s how they must have been. They just felt safe together. And once Violet was found, Teddy he started trailing down hill. So it was a definite heart break but I take a page out of my own book. I know that Teddy’s around. I actually saw him one night. He had that big goofy smile. And as fast as I saw him he was gone. We’ve seen Violet play with something that was not there. She only did that spin when she was with Teddy. So he’s around her. They are there to watch over us. Animals are very, very close to angels.

Abby: Since we are talking about animals what does the white wolf mean to you?

Jackie: The white wolf is my spirit guide. I come from two different backgrounds. One is obviously a voodooist on the darker side, Mary [Jackie’s mother]. And a medicine man [Jackie’s father] who was incredibly gifted and special and in love with this woman. I’m sure that they had their own inner battles. My grandfather was a chief as well as a shaman. They give you your totem when you are born. You go through a ritual to see what past lives you have had. And if you had a hard past life – which at that time, of course, I didn’t realize that I was a murdered child – but you are given the guardian. And the guardian is the wolf.

Eileen: They are incredible animals.

Abby: He seemed to help you during The Haunting of the Gemini.

Jackie: He has come many times in my life. I picked to speak about him in The Haunting of the Gemini because he needed to be honored. That is why I’ve put this to paper to share with the public. But in our circle, in our family, this is every day life. The wolf is there. I’ve actually seen him walk with Teddy. I actually sent my guardian over to protect you girls once.

Eileen: And Abby and I truly appreciated it.

Abby: Let’s talk about what’s coming up next Jackie because we’re excited for you.

Jackie: The Devil I Know is in development as a scripted television drama with Nuyorican Productions. The executive producers are Jennifer Lopez, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, and Jude Weng. I am excited about it. Plus, we just got green lighted for the series The Séance on A&E. It took some time, and you’re going to see why. It’s just amazing. The production company did Men Who Built America and World of Wars, really some huge awesome shows. It’s a really incredible show. And in the meantime I was approached by my literary agent to do a book.

Abby: What is the name of the book and what’s it about?

Jackie: It’s possibly known as The Magic Mirror. It’s pretty funny this book, because as I grew up I had this really comical ghost who would hang with me and we got into some trouble.

Eileen: No! Not you!

Jackie: I know. I know. Right? It’s a memoir and it’s a self-help book as well. There are so many gifted people out there that are shut down because of religious factors and strict upbringings. They turned away from what was given to them, and their lives became somewhat empty. It’s like coming out. It’s like telling your family that you have this incurable disease, and instead of embracing and helping you along the way we’re smacked back down and pushed into a corner. Sometimes we’re even given medication. I’ve dealt with people who needed to tell their parents that they were gay and I didn’t understand. Truthfully, like what’s the big deal? Why is it so hard to just say those words? Why would that change your relationship with the people who gave you life?

Abby: Oh, it does.

Jackie: Some parents came to me and suggested psychiatry for children that were able to see angels and entities. I had one young man, he was 19 years old, and he planned his suicide because he could not tell his very strict catholic family that he was not only gay but he also was gifted. He told me they would have him on the street homeless or in mental institution. They would put him away. And one Russian family was actually going to send their child back to Russia to be punished in a prison environment. And they said that there’s a cure for being gay. And I heard that there’s a cure for being mediums as well. So this book is very empowering. It covers how Jackie grew up? Or how hard it was for me in school. Was I accepted? I mean it was difficult living with a family like my own. We have American Indians and an occult family and together we’re running a funeral home. There’s mediums in the house and a young medium that is 5 years old. Now go to school and see what happens!

Eileen: Right. Just a little picking on Jackie, huh?

Jackie: Yah. You’re getting your ass kicked and everything. This is a real hard core, straight up and down, you cry, you laugh, and the outcome is you realize that you stand on your own two feet. You need to embrace yourself. Before you can love anything or anyone, you need to love yourself.

Abby: I’m looking forward to reading it.

Jackie: I’m going to tell you something, I didn’t want to do it. And you want to know why? I told my agent, “I don’t think I want to do this.” And he said, “Why?” And I said, “Because I don’t feel that it’s interesting.” And he said, “You have to be kidding.” I truly feel that my life is not that interesting.

Abby: Oh well, we beg to differ. And because of that we will be the first in line to buy the book. So please keep us all posted on the air date for your two TV shows and the release date for your next book. And as always Jackie, we appreciate and thank you for all you do.

Jackie: I’d like to thank my fans for all of their support, encouragement, and for standing by me in such difficult times. And for taking the time to actually read the book. And it’s not just about the book. It’s about lives. And it’s about hope. And, truly, it’s about one thing: it’s about love.

For more on Jackie Barrett: http://www.thehousethatkaybuilt.com/

Jackie Barrett’s Facebook page

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