“The Princess” from RuPaul’s Drag Race 4

Abby: It’s The Princess!
You sound like a surfer dude but you aren’t from the west coast.
Princess: No. I was bred, born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Now I’m living the life in Chi-town! Chicago, Illinois.

I have this suspicion that you are really a closet Californian. How do you stay in shape?
Princess: Daily yoga, Pilates for sure, and running along the lake if the weather permits. And a rice and veggies diet.

You can’t get much more Californian than that! You know I am just playing with you. You would fit in here in Cali just fine! Who has been your biggest drag inspiration and why?
Princess: Definitely RuPaul is who started it all for me. I can remember playing her cassette in my mom’s garage. The garage door was my curtain and the driveway was my stage and as soon as I would press play on the tape player I would hit the garage door button, curtain up! “YOU BETTER WORK!”


the princess

How does your family feel about you doing drag?
Princess: Most of my family is so loving and supportive of my career. Others would rather not acknowledge that The Princess exists. I can’t worry about what others think. I have to do what makes me happy.

I totally agree with you. You have to live your life. They can’t live it for you. What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you while in drag?
Princess: I was performing Gaga’s Paparazzi and I grabbed the same side curtain I had grabbed numerous times before. This time as I reached for it to “swing” from, it didn’t hold me like it had before. It came down and I crashed off the stage, getting wrapped up in the curtain. Youtube it. It’s kind of funny once you know what’s going on. I get right back up and keep going.

What celebrity would you like to see in drag?
Princess: It would tickle me to see Santino Rice in drag. I think he could possibly rival Ru as the taller queen of the two. With Santino’s eye and talent for fashion he could whip up something pretty damn amazing and work it out.

What was your favorite moment from any of the previous seasons of RPDR?
Princess: Shannel’s recovery during lip sync for your life when her head piece popped off and she recovered so gracefully and made it to the next round!

Abby: Who did you want to win RPDR from season 1, 2 and 3?
Princess: Season1, I was pulling for Nina Flowers. Season 2, when it came down to it I wanted Tyra to win. Season 3 I was rooting for Raja the whole way.

Abby: What do you think your greatest asset is?
Princess: I believe my greatest asset is my versatility. I love that I can be many things and am not held down to one genre or era. It makes performing so much more spicy.

Abby: Manila Luzon said that the tallest contestant wins RPDR. How tall are you in your
bare feet?
Princess: 6’0 baby!

Abby: Speaking of height, how tall are the tallest pair of heels you have ever worn?
Princess: I think I owned a pair of 7″ heels at one point. That’s so not necessary. 6″ heels are plenty of height.

Abby: What kind of hobbies does The Princess have?
Princess: I can’t get enough yoga! I love movies! I make my own costumes / pieces. Sewing is definitely in my top 3. I love creating.

Abby: What is RuPaul’s Drag Race like?
Princess: RuPaul’s Drag Race is like running an uphill marathon in heels with a blindfold on while having boulders hurled at you. Good times!

Abby: Other than answering these questions, what is your biggest pet peeve?
Princess: Ignorant people! Wake the “F” up!

Abby: What is your favorite drag expression?
Princess: “Geish,” referring to someone being in “Geish.” Geish as in Geisha makeup (full face). And the term “Gigs.” Got gigs?

Abby: Speaking of “Got gigs” where can your fans see you performing live?
Princess: I’m a Host in the Dollhouse Revue every Thursday at Spin Night Club in Boystown in Chicago, Ill. And check tour dates. I may be coming to a city near you!

Abby: I hope you come to California where you will fit right in and I can see you live. I wish you the best and thank you for letting us get to know you just a little bit better. Thank you Princess!the princess

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