Meet Phi Phi O’hara from RuPaul’s Drag Race 4


Abby: Hey Phi Phi O’hara!

Phi Phi: Hey Abby!

Abby: Let’s start with the easy questions. Where were you born and where do you live now?

Phi Phi: I was born in San Antonio, TX and I live in Chicago, IL

Abby: Your drag name, Phi Phi O’hara sounds like a little Irish dog and clearly you are neither Irish nor a dog. How did you choose your name?

Phi Phi: I am Filipino, Portuguese and Irish! My last name is Carey.

Abby: Well slap me and call me Mary! I am sorry about that. I only knew about the Filipino and Portuguese side. My apologies. That didn’t stay easy for long.

Phi Phi: That’s OK. Originally I was named Phoenix and people would call me Phi Phi as a nickname in Chicago so I just kept it.

Abby: You stay in great shape. What is your favorite form of exercise?

Phi Phi: Dancing! It is the easiest and most effortless. Plus I perform so much I get to dance all the time! Who needs a gym when you have drag?

Abby: Drag clearly works for you but how does your family feel about you doing drag?

Phi Phi: I am truly lucky and blessed to have the family I have. They have been supportive every inch of the way! Often times they call just to make sure I have my costumes, hair, make up ready for any event or venue I have coming up! I love to see my mom, dad, and sister post all of my videos, photos, any press releases I do and be proud of the son they have!

Abby: Who has been your biggest drag inspiration and why?

Phi Phi: I feel a lot of my inspiration comes from my mother! I try to portray a strong independent woman and she embodies everything that I want Phi Phi to be!

Abby: I love that. Rock on Phi Phi’s Mom!

What was your funniest experience buying women’s clothes?

Phi Phi: Often times when I buy clothes for Phi Phi, people are like, “Are you shopping for your girlfriend?” HA! Then you have those that look at you crazy. This one time I was buying a corset and this older lady yelled at me and said,” I hope that is for a girl and not you.” I said, “Honey, this is not for a girl it is for a Phierce Diva named Phi Phi” and walked off!

Abby: What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you while in drag?

Phi Phi: This one time I performed at a bar and this huge muscular man grabbed me and threw me in the bathroom and tried to kiss and touch me. I screamed and security broke the door down and I ran out of the bar! Never went there again!

Abby: Wow. Alisa was picked up by the cops and you are assaulted by a fan… Drag can be dangerous. I have a lot of respect for all of you that have the courage to follow your dreams and perform in drag. Speaking of performing in drag did you ever get stage fright?

Phi Phi: I crave for audiences attention! I have never been scared to go on stage. I love being able to perform and showcase my talents for any audience.

Abby: Manila Luzon said that the tallest contestant wins RPDR. How tall are you in your bare feet?

Phi Phi: Then I am screwed because I am only 5’7”. Maybe it is because they need a super fierce and fishy queen whose charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent stands higher than the just physically tall queens.

Abby: What celebrity would you like to see in drag?

Phi Phi: Michelle Visage. Wait! Does she already count as a drag queen? I mean damn, she has a good chest plate!

Abby: I’m not going to touch that one Phi Phi. Unless you think I should?

Do you have a favorite moment from any of the previous seasons of RPDR?

Phi Phi: My favorite moment is the music video challenge for the top 3. It is fun to see whose personality shines through and really wants to take the crown. Plus, I feel it is when everyone gets the cattiest!

Abby: What is RuPaul’s Drag Race like?

Phi Phi: RuPaul’s Drag Race is like She Hulk meets Miss Universe meets Bad Girls Club meets The World Olympics!

Abby: Who did you want to win RPDR from season 1, 2 and 3?

Phi Phi: Season 1 – Phi Phi O’hara – Oh wait, I didn’t enter.

Season 2 – Phi Phi O’hara – Oh just kidding I still didn’t enter yet.

Season 3 – Phi Phi O’hara -You knew that was coming!

Abby: That was a diplomatic way of not offending any of the past contestants.

Do you have any Hobbies?

Phi Phi: Aside from working my day job as an optician, or using my creative energy to create couture costumes, my biggest passion is music. I have always been working in the field of music since I was only 5 years old. I have been working on a serious album before the show was cast. I am happy that I am able to finish the album and share it with my Phanatics and the world soon!

Abby: There is a video of you performing to Katy Perry’s “ET” on Youtube. You do a great job but outside of the beads you are wearing you are almost naked. Doesn’t that make you a bit nervous about a possible wardrobe malfunction?

Phi Phi: It doesn’t make me nervous at all. People read because I have no body or they think I’m fat. I say either kiss my fat ass or grow some balls and try doing it on stage too!

Abby: I would love to see you perform live. Where can your fans find out more about you and your live performances?

Phi Phi: My schedule is really filling up and if anyone ever wants to see the closest city I will be in they can always reach my website at or my Phan Page

Thank you Phi Phi O’hara. We will be watching you on Logo TV on January 30. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Thanks Phi Phi!


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