Meet Jiggly Caliente from RuPaul’s Drag Race 4




Abby: I just saw you in Sahara Davenport’s video for Go Off! How did you get that gig?

Jiggly: I got the part cuz I’m her friend and it was a fabulous spoof on RPDR writing on the wall ‘n stuff. I just hope it don’t mess with my chances on Drag Race. I’m superstitious!

Abby: How long have you known Sahara Davenport?

Jiggly: Sahara and I have been friends for about 6 years now. We met at a local drag show here in NYC. Since then we been mad cool and she is honestly one of the most talented women I have ever met. It’s easy to work with my diva sister cuz that diva sh*t don’t work on each other! That’s like Whitney trying to diva on Beyonce.

Abby: That would make for some catty reality TV.

Jiggly: Are you crazy? LOL. No, all jokes aside, I was glad to be part of her video from a song that I love a lot. The message of the song speaks volumes to me. I love to “Go Off!”

Abby: When did you come to the US and did you become a citizen?

Jiggly: My mom moved my brother and I here when I was 10 years old. She took us from my Dad who wasn’t too good to us. So she grabbed us and divorced him. I became a citizen a few years later.

Abby: You talk a lot about your size. How do you stay in shape?

Jiggly: By eating everything and anything in sight! Also, by dancing around in my apartment with a lollipop in my mouth.

Abby: Jiggly you are too cute! Do you have a favorite form of exercise?

Jiggly: Sex!

Abby: Do tell us Jiggly!

Jiggly: I mean sex is the best form of cardio! That’s as far as I can expand without getting real graphic. And currently I’m kinda sorta single.

Abby: Now I understand the dancing with the lollipop! Did you ever get stage fright?

Jiggly:My first pageant I stumbled on my presentation a little during the introduction of my name. Who does that? I stopped for a sec, collected my thoughts and ended it with, “But I’m plump like a roast and thicker than most so sit back, relax and enjoy me entertain’ you this evening!”

Abby: How does your family feel about you doing drag?

Jiggly:In the beginning it was awkward for my family, mainly my mom. She just thought she raised this straight boy. Come my junior year I came out and just told her, boom, I’m gay! Then four years later, “Mommy, I’m a drag queen!” She just didn’t get it. She said boys are supposed to look like boys. I just told her, “Mommy I’m different and this is something I love. And it took a while, and I mean a while, for her to be cool with it and accept it. When she did she became the biggest Jiggler ever! She would watch my Youtube videos and DVDs of my pageants. She was so proud of every accomplishment I have ever done, including drag stuff. And I’m sure in heaven she is uber proud of her baby rock sockin’ it for the world to see!

Abby: Jiggly you just made mothers everywhere choke up. What was your funniest experience buying women’s clothes or shoes?

Jiggly: It was when I was with my mom, and we were shopping for my pageant heels. My mom was my ride to the mall so she was with me. When I told the lady I need a size 8 1/2 she looked at my moms feet and said, “Sorry ma’am I think you’re a 6.” My mom looked at her and said, “One, I’m not a ma’am I’m a miss. And two it’s not for me it’s for her.” She pointed to me and me and my mom had the only giggle.

Abby:Jiggly, I have to say it again. You are too cute! Who has been your biggest drag inspiration and why?

Jiggly: My biggest drag inspirations are a few different drag queens. They are the most amazing talented creatures that have ever graced the stage. Of course momma Ru, my drag mother Chevelle Brooks, Angela Carrera and from Puerto Rico, Kim Moore. They are stunningly beautiful and talented. Every time I watch them perform I am just in awe that they are such beauties and are fiercely sickening entertainers.

Abby: Your friend, Manila Luzon said that the tallest contestant wins RPDR. How tall are you in your bare feet?

Jiggly: I’m 5’4 but I make up for it in width!

Abby: What celebrity would you like to see in drag?

Jiggly: Male – The Twillight dude. She looks fishy enough. The vampire one. Not the sexy wolf. Robert Pattinson. Female – Beyonce! Oh wait. She don’t count. She is the biggest drag ever!

Abby: What was your favorite moment from any of the previous seasons of RPDR?

Jiggly: My favorite moment was when the girls had to do a strip tease and dance with a pole. I would have wished I got to do that!

Abby:I think I know the answers to this one but I will ask it anyway. Who did you want to win RPDR from season 1, 2 and 3?

Jiggly: Season 1- Nina Flowers. From season 2 – Sahara Davenport or JuJubee. And season 3- Manila Luzon.

Abby: Jiggly the last question today is what is your greatest asset?

Jiggly: My greatest asset is my wit and my style. Cuz I’m a bad bitch!

Abby: Thanks Jiggly!

If you’d like to know more about Jiggly Caliente you can find her fan page at:!/JigglyCaliente

Photos were used with permission of Logo TV.
Photo credit: Mathu Andersen

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