‘Ghost Adventures’ Investigates the Exorcist House for 100th Episode

On October 4, 2013, The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures will celebrate its 100th episode. For this benchmark achievement Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin will investigate the notorious “Exorcist” house. In a group interview, the guys talked about their ghost investigations and living a life dealing with the paranormal.

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Zak Bagans: We’re really excited. It’s been a long journey, so many ghost adventures doing our investigations. And in that whole process of investigations, we have really matured as paranormal investigators because we have seen and felt and heard just how real and dangerous this field can be.

And the 100th episode at the Exorcist house deals with something that we’ve all been through before: possessions. And to be at such an iconic home that housed the world’s most famous possession and exorcism… To learn the truth about it and to actually speak with an ancestor, a great niece of the chief exorcist, Father William Bowdern. To actually hear her uncle at a Christmas party talking about the actual exorcism was a true honor for us. But to hear her tell us and look inside our eyes and say that “I will not go to that house to interview. I will not even go down the street to do this interview with you all.” That erased my skepticism that this house is not haunted. You know I’m a firm believer that a haunting takes place where somebody dies a tragic death or a suicide. You know the supercharged emotional event attributed to a death that creates a portal, a doorway to a haunting and a residual energy that houses a nest for that entity. But I was unaware that an exorcism that housed supercharged emotional energy dealing with a spiritual event of Satan himself is just as powerful as the deaths or anything like that.

So we went there to investigate a man who claims that he was recently attacked in the home in 2009. A man who’s credibility was really, really strong through the words of the great niece of Father William Bowdern. She validated his credibility. And ultimately this is what attracted us to the house and to investigate with the questions of: “Did the demon reemerge itself from the exorcism in the 1940s?” “Was he simply experiencing these psychic scars re-manifesting from the residual energy of the stone and wood surfaces of the home?” And that is truly what attracted us to the investigation.

Stephanie DePietro: Nick, do you want talk a little bit about Transylvania?

Nick Groff: Yes. We have been to very interesting and unique locations all over the world. Throughout our journey through Ghost Adventures – Zak, Aaron, and myself – it’s been a crazy rollercoaster ride. But there’s nothing like going overseas. Back in time. Back into the history. And we did that when we went to Romania to Transylvania to investigate Dracula’s castles. It was amazing! Just an amazing experience to step foot on the ground and be some of the first investigators ever to investigate where Dracula ruled. We actually captured some amazing evidence.

Aaron Goodwin: We got to see where he was born, where he ruled, where he was captured then died. His whole family history. It was awesome!

Zak Bagans: Aaron and Nick were investigating his castle. They captured two voices, Vlad, and then flowers. They had no idea what those two voices meant. I mean they knew Vlad. But they didn’t know what the flowers meant. Three days later, somehow, someway we were trying to interview the princess – Princess Brianna Caradja. The princess is Vlad Depes’ last known ancestor through blood. She wasn’t going to interview with us. Well a couple of days after the investigation that Nick and Aaron did they received flowers and Vlad. They had no idea what flowers meant. And the Vlad was really good – really clear. And all of the sudden Princess Brianna Caradja agrees to do our interview. And it’s very last minute. She arrives and we are hurrying up to do the interview. And we just interview her in this patch of flowers.

And then while we’re interviewing her, she tells us that her ancestor Vlad Depes came through. We were not expecting this because Romanian people are not open to talking about ghosts, let alone the ancestor of Vlad Depes. She comes out and tells us that during a Ouija board session about 15-20 years ago, her ancestor, Vlad Depes comes though and spells out V-L-A-D on the Ouija board and starts giving her information and premonitions about her upcoming life.

And so she connected the dots with these synchronicities that we interview her in the flowers. And it was Vlad that communicated with Nick and Aaron predicting that we were going to interview his ancestor. It was really interesting.

Stephanie DePeitro: Thanks Zak. Aaron, do you have anything else that you want us to tease about the upcoming investigations this season?

Aaron Goodwin: They’re crazy. They’re awesome. We finally got to go Alcatraz. And that was an experience. We’ve been trying to do that for a while. That finally happened. But these Halloween specials, the Exorcist, and going to Transylvania are just off the hook. We just did a cool reenactment scene in Prairieville and got some amazing evidence. We actually go to a mustang ranch where it’s really haunted out there in Reno. That one’s pretty cool, too.

Alley Handley: I would like you guys to each touch on how this milestone of getting to 100 episodes has changed your life. Zak, you mentioned that you know you guys have really matured over the course of all these seasons. And then if you could also talk on the difference of intensity for each of you when you investigate an area that has residual hauntings, spirit hauntings versus a demonic possession or reports of demon activities. Thanks.

Zak Bagans: Okay, I’ll try and remember all. Well investigating up to 100 episodes has definitely matured us. And it’s matured us on a level of knowledge within this paranormal field. And the way that we have learned and gained our knowledge is through our various investigations and the different professionals, scientists and demonologists that we have interviewed. On the 100th episode of the Exorcist, we brought in one of the most educated demonologists in the world, Dr. Bradshaw. He’s from Scotland. He and others like him are the people that we ultimately gain our knowledge from in this field. We will never be able… nobody, nobody on this planet will ever be able to answer the question what happens when you die? Nobody. Nobody. But what we can answer are the questions that we have about how are we able to capture these voices. And how are we able to experience these compelling events and what not. You know these spirits are speaking. They’re answering questions. And we still don’t know how they’re able to do that. But all we can do now is just capture this evidence. And it just keeps getting more and more compelling, it seems, the longer and deeper we are in this field.

Nick Groff: Zak is absolutely right. We go to a new location week after week. And we are learning so much about life, about death, about all the things that go through everybody’s mind no matter what their background is. And that’s so compelling to us because we just feel like we skated on thin ice for so long on that other side. Like we’re almost in between two places, two dimensions with what we’re doing sometimes. And to me that’s scary because most of the time, you don’t know who you’re communicating with or what dimension. The scariest thing for me is coming into contact with something that’s negative where it can actually attach itself to you personally and really have an out lash on your health, your physical wellbeing, your mental state. And it can linger with you for a long time unless you put yourself in that positive surrounding where you don’t let it win and destroy your life and everything around you. The three of us have gone through that. We’re still going through it. And it’s very scary. It’s dangerous. We didn’t realize that when we first started, did we Zak?

Zak Bagans: No. Nick made a good point. I guess it’s something that is personal but we’ll tell you guys. We are dealing with attachments. And I’m dealing with them right now. And I don’t know what they’re doing. I am seeking various people to help me with it. They’re very real, the things that they do in my home. The things that they do to people that I get close to. Every girl that I ever tried to have a relationship will have an experience. I have a possessive female spirit. I was also told I have a demonic attachment. They make me sick. They make me agitated. And it’s a side that nobody sees. Nick, Aaron, and I can turn to these guys, Bill and Jay, our other guys. And these are the guys that I can talk to now about this. So it’s brought us closer together even though we’ll still have our stupid little friendly fights and stuff.

These 100 episodes have brought us closer together because they’ve been through it, and they understand it. Going to the Exorcist house and seeing what can happen to a little boy in a worst case scenario, a diabolical possession, that’s when it gets bad. That’s when it goes from just having an attachment to having a full on diabolical possession where you’re not even in control of your own body anymore. It’s the body of Satan. And even just saying that out loud right now in this hotel room makes me – it’s scary. It’s scary to know that I don’t know what else is listening to it around me. And that’s how deep we are involved in these investigations, guys. And this is why we get the help of the most educated demonologists in the world.

While we were at that house, we communicated with an entity. We shared that evidence with a priest, an exorcist, Father Jack Ashcraft who was supposed to join us on this investigation. On the way to the investigation with his brother, he had a freak medical emergency in his car. He had to go from meeting us to going to the hospital. And during the filming of that episode, I also had a medical thing happen that was just like his. And the voices that came through that have actually asked ourselves how far do we want to keep going with this? Do we really want to keep doing demonic investigations? What have we gotten ourselves into? But we’re involved in it and this is what we do.

Chad Garrison: I was curious when you did your investigation and if you can give us a little bit more of a teaser?

Nick Groff: I’ll give you a little tease here about what we captured because I think personally it’s one of the scariest things that we’ve encountered. We were using our SP7 spirit box, one of our devices that communicates within the frequencies to capture spirit voices that come through. We were in there for a couple of hours. We went to the basement. We went up and down that house and nothing happened. We’re trying everything. Nothing’s going on. So we go back to our base camp. And you know Zak says, “hey, let’s bring in Greg’s Ouija board that Greg gave to us to use in the house.” We bring that in to the second floor right to the room where the boy was possessed when they were exercising him back when that occurred. Zak put the Ouija board down. Aaron tried warning us before we went in not to use it. But you know we tried to push the limit sometimes and do whatever it takes. Zak had the spirit box. He put it on the Ouija board. And there was a weird moment where I asked myself and Zak – you see me say it out loud – “Do you want to do this?” And I pause. I was scared. You know right now I get kind of chills thinking about what happened to us in that moment, reliving it right now. And there’s nothing coming through. And then suddenly we get some voices that come through. But to get right to the point that I’m talking about, the voices that scared the crap out of me was this two difference voices came through. One said, “devil” and the other said “diablo.” And it scared us. I looked at Zak and for that split second, Zak’s face looked so different, like it shifted in the dark. Like his eyes went black. His eyes went black like something was there with us.

Chad Garrison: And when was that investigation?

Nick Groff: It was in August.

Zak Bagans: That’s why we’re shaken up. We’re still shaken up from it and we’re at a new location right now. This is what we do week after week. It’s draining after a while. Not because of the traveling but because of what we encounter sometimes, the energies. They drag everything out of you, sometimes your own soul you know. And you really have to mentally be stable or else you’ll lose it.

Abby Normal: Hey, if you could take just one investigative tool with you, what would it be?

Zak Bagans: My SP7 spirit box.

Abby Normal: How about Nick and Aaron?

Aaron Goodwin: Myself just because you can sense certain things when it happens, but for proof I bring the PX.

Nick Groff: For me it would probably be myself, too, just because experience and I know what the feel and sense and everything. But also a digital recorder that way I can hear what the spirits are saying to me.

Abby Normal: What advice would give to a homeowner that lives on lay lines, has a vortex on what was once considered sacred Indian grounds that are having unwanted paranormal activity?

Aaron Goodwin: Sell me the house.

Zak Bagans: Move. If you chose to live in a home that is living on intersecting lay lines and to add to that layer of cake, you’re living on an Indian burial ground and you’re having paranormal experiences that are bothersome, you’re not going to get rid of them. They’ve taken ownership of that home and that area. You’re laying on nest of intersecting energies. You’re not going to erase those energies. You know other homes where there’s a problematic spirit or an entity, you can go the route of trying to get the home cleansed or what not and helping that spirit move on from there. But when you’re living in a geographical especially a geomagnetic location that the home is actually placed on top of a geomagnetic intersection of energy on top of this burial ground, it doesn’t matter what you do. I don’t believe that you’ll ever be able to get rid of that. So it’s either you put up with it or you get out.

Abby Normal: Aaron, how do you feel about usually being the one that gets solo duty in the creepiest places?

Aaron Goodwin: It’s the only way I know how. I used to dread it. And I still do. But something in me now just wants to go and see what can happen because I get scared. I can’t help it. No matter how much I know the spirit in there, it comes out. It spooks you. And it’s good because me getting spooked and all that really fuels like energy I believe. So it’s been working, so keep doing you know.

Abby Normal: Yes. Well, thank you kindly. I appreciate the answers.

Stephanie DePietro: Alright, thank you Zak, Aaron, and Nick. Once again, Ghost Adventures airs Fridays at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on Travel Channel with a special two-hour Halloween episode airing on Thursday, October 31 at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

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