Author Matthew F. Jones Gets More Than “A Single Shot”

Teaser from: A Single Shot
If a crime occurs in the woods and nobody sees, has it really happened?

John Moon, Master Hunter. The woods his one true refuge. Until he fires a single fateful shot and comes upon a shocking scene: an illegal deep-woods campground filled with drugs, bundles of cash, and the body of a young woman, killed by Moon’s own stray bullet.

Does he take the money and ignore his responsibility for the girl’s death? Or confess?

Moon soon finds himself on the run, pursued by men who don’t care about right and wrong and who want only one thing from John Moon: his body, facedown in a ditch.

“A Single Shot packs a helluva punch.” – People

Today I am talking with Matthew F. Jones the author of “A Single Shot.”

AN: Congratulations on getting your book, “A Single Shot” developed into a screenplay and a movie.

MFJ: Oh thank you! It hasn’t been made yet but it’s well on the way. I’m excited because it’s my screenplay that I wrote. So hopefully it will do well.

AN: It is one gritty story! What do you call your style of writing?

MFJ: I don’t think that I’ve ever thought to call it anything. I start with a character and I look for the story from there. This book started out with John walking up a hill in the early morning with a 12 gauge shotgun and some deer slugs. From there the story took off. I have heard the term Literary Thrillers. That is what most people call it. I don’t think I ever put a term on it myself.

AN: It is good not to be pigeon holed.

MFJ: All of my books are quite different. It would be hard to pigeon hole me.

AN: You said that it hasn’t been turned into a movie yet?

MFJ: Well it is in the process of being made into one. We started shooting in the spring but we had some problems, so it is starting up again next month up in Vancouver.

AN: Is it still staring William H. Macy and Forrest Whitaker?

MFJ: It is still starring William H. Macy and Forrest Whitaker. We are in the process of recasting John’s role.

AN: I worked in Hollywood for years and know how that goes.

MFJ: The movie business is a stop and go business. But we have a good cast together, a good bunch of people. I think it is going to make a great film once we get it. They say that the best films take a long time to make, to come to fruition.

AN: Do you prefer to write the screenplay of your book or have someone else write it?

MFJ: I actually had not really thought much about writing screenplays of my own books. I had another book made into a movie, “Deepwater.” Partly as a result of that I thought that maybe I would give it a shot myself. I found that I actually quite enjoyed it. It is very different than novel writing.

AN: Is the screenplay for A Single Shot true to the book?

MFJ: Yeah. Anybody that is going to adapt their own novel for a movie has to understand that the book is not going to be the movie. It shouldn’t be. It’s the same story through a different medium, and that is how I look at it. It is a very strong adaptation of the novel.

AN: Were any of the characters based on you?

MFJ: No. Not really. That entire story took place on the side of a mountain that I grew up on outside of a little town. John was very much a compilation of a few people that I grew up with.

AN: Do they know it?

MFJ: I kind of doubt it. They are not the kind of people that read books. And one of the people is dead now. I kind of doubt it.

AN: Are you a hunter like John was in the book?

MFJ: No I’m not. I hunted a couple of times when I was younger. Everybody I grew up with were hunters but I stopped at a certain point.

AN: It wasn’t after you shot someone accidentally was it?

MFJ: (laughing) No. No. It was after I shot an animal. No I didn’t shoot anybody accidentally or otherwise.

AN: Are you single?

MFJ: No I am married.

AN: With kids?

MFJ: I have a son.

AN: How do they feel about your current adventure, getting into movies?

MFJ: They are excited. My son of course wants to be in it.

AN: You also did the screenplay for Boot Tracks from the book of the same name?

MFJ: Yes.

AN: Is that also in production?

MFJ: Yes.

AN: So we will get to see one of yours out there very soon.

MFJ: Well I hope so. I hope to see a couple of them.

AN: Have you appeared in any of the movies ala Hitchcock, Stephen King or M. Night Shyamalan?

MFJ: I actually did appear in Deepwater. I just appeared in a casino and was playing a slot machine. It took like four hours to shoot the thing where the main guy walked through. There is a lot of down time on a movie set. But yeah I did appear in that one. It’s always fun for people that know me to try to find me in it.

AN: I know that your fans will be looking forward to your next novel and seeing your screenplays come to life on the Silver Screen!

Matthew F. Jones is also the author of the following books:
Boot Tracks
Blind Pursuit
The Elements of Hitting
The Cooter Farm

To learn more about Matthew you can go to:


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