Adam Magee is an All Star Designer

Adam Mcgee self portrait

For those of you not familiar with Adam Magee he is a very talented designer. He may be best known for the clothing designs that Chad Michaels wore on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Adam Magee’s designs are worn by many performers.

Abby: Hello Adam Magee!

Adam: Hello dear Abby!

Abby: Adam, do you consider yourself a costume or clothing designer? What is the difference?

Adam: I would have to say that I’m both. I do tend to do a lot more costume design than clothing design. I really enjoy doing both but the over the top costume work is my favorite. Who doesn’t like playing with rhinestones and sequins? I don’t see much of a difference between costume and clothing design. Everything that we wear is a costume that reflects our personal style or how our personality is.

Abby: How did you get started as a clothing designer?

Adam: It all started with me being incredibly bored while Chad was in our workroom punching out beautiful costumes and wigs. One night while he was at work I sat down to the sewing machine and made my first gown. Then I got my first job with his original costume designer Michael Mercado. I was doing rhinestone work for competition female figure and body builders swimsuits. Michael taught me so much from making patterns to constructing complete garments. I’m beyond grateful to him for all that he beat into my head.

Abby: What is female figure? Do you mean female figure skaters?

Adam: No. Female Figure is another division of body building competitors. They tend to be a lot smaller or should I say,” more feminine than the average hard core body builder.”

Abby: Where did you learn to sew and work with raw fabrics?

Adam: For the most part, I’m a self taught designer. Besides what Michael Mercado taught me while working with him, I’ve had to pretty much fend for myself. I made a lot of mistakes on the way but learned from each one and improved on the next garment. Sewing is a constant learning experience for me. What worked on one item can be completely wrong for the next. There is always room for improvement and more knowledge .

Abby: I know that you design for Chad Michaels and Morgan McMichaels. Who else do you design for?

Adam: I design mainly for the cast of our show, The Dreamgirls Revue. That includes: Delta Work, Shannel, Raja, Venus D-Lite and several other SoCal drag stars. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented singers like Kristine W. and Tiffany.

Abby: I told Morgan McMichaels that I would be interviewing you and asked him if he had any questions for you. His question is: Do you love making clothes for Morgan?

Adam: I love making clothing and costumes for each one of my clients in their own individual ways.

Abby: Chad Michaels, Delta Work, Morgan McMichaels and Venus D-Lite each have their own style of movement. How do you choose the fabrics for each persons style of movement?

Adam: Each one of my clients usually come to me with a concept of what they would like to achieve and I do my best to bring their thoughts to realization. A lot of the costume work that I do for those you have mentioned are recreations of different celebrity icons of music, movie, tv or broadway. I choose the fabric that best suits the replication.

Abby: One of your new fans has a question: Have you ever tried out, or thought about trying out for Project Runway?

Adam: To be honest, no. I haven’t even considered trying out for Project Runway. I’m not sure if it would be something that I am willing to do. Being followed around by cameras day in and day out for that long seems nerve racking. I probably wouldn’t pass the psychological evaluation anyways.

Abby: Are you serious that you don’t believe you would pass the psychological evaluation or are you pulling my leg?

Adam: I’m completely pulling your leg about the psych test. Although, I’ve never taken one so who knows!

Abby:What is your favorite outfit that you’ve made for RuPual’s Drag Race All Star Chad Michaels?

Adam: My Absolute favorite would have to be the Bob Mackie, Cher-Snow Queen knockoff from her Farewell Tour. Even Mr. Mackie’s people that created the original came to The Dreamgirls Revue one night, saw Chad perform in it and told me that the only way it could be closer would be if I flew to Paris and purchased the same materials they used to make it. That was a very proud moment for me.

Adam Mcgee and Chad Michaels Cher



Abby: That is an amazing outfit. You and Chad seem like a very close couple. Are you two married?

Adam: Chad and I have been together so long that we see yourselves as a married couple. However, we have not officially tied the knot since same sex marriage is not legal in the state of California. We both said that we’re not going to go through with it until it’s completely recognized for a ceremony in our own home state.

Abby: Adam you are such a talented designer but have you ever done drag or any other live performances?

Adam: I have done drag a couple times for Halloween and have decided that it’s not for me for several reasons. First, it’s very uncomfortable. Second, there’s not enough closet space as it is. And third, how could anyone compete with Chad? I have horrible stage fright so I prefer the behind the scenes aspect of the entertainment business.

Abby: What is it like now being the significant other of the first winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars?

Adam: It’s incredible! I’m so very proud of everything that Chad has accomplished not only on Drag Race or Allstars but his entire career. Life hasn’t changed much except he’s away a bit more now than before the show. I’ll always be his #1 fan. You know, if Chad is the queen of all queens I guess that makes me the King of all Kings. It’s good to be king!

Abby: Thank you Adam for talking with me and those who appreciate you too!

Adam: Thank you Abby for taking an interest in my work. Have a great day!

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